Where will the actions be?

Everywhere. Anywhere. We’re calling for a truly international day of action, and we need your help to make it happen. We are coordinating with hundreds of direct action collectives, civil society groups, and environmental NGO’s around the world – but it won’t work without millions of people making their own plans organize a their own acts of disobedience on D19.

How can I participate in the #BillionPeopleMarch?

You can march in your own town, or take the streets in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Rio. You can help organize an action. You can print a thousand Blackspots to emblazon the institutions of the Old World: banks, government buildings, fast-food outlets, strip malls, everywhere! Help demonstrate our capacity on a worldwide level to challenge the systems that make climate change possible.

Anything that pushes towards this goal has our support. Just let us know! We don’t need every detail of your plans (nor in many cases would it be wise to tell us!), but get in touch with us at with your idea. If your action fits we can chat about coordinating and promoting it.

And what if marching is not for you?

Then join the Lone Wolves as they begin to prowl in the lead up to D19.

You can help the fight on your own terms with subvertisements, culture jams, hacks, and creative disruptions of all kinds. Participate in the Revolutionary Journey for more of our thoughts on Lone Wolf actions.